About this site

This site was designed to give easy access to information about the discs pros are using. I've followed "In the bag" videos for many pros for years and I was inspired to see all the info in one place and analyze disc popularity, among other things. Hope you find the site useful. Let me know if you have any suggestions for how to improve it.

Keep discing!


Disc Popularity Rank Calculation

Popularity ranks are calculated using two criteria:

  1. the number of pros bagging the disc
  2. the rankings of those pros according to UDisc
This means that a disc that is used by one higher ranked pro might have a similar ranking as a disc that is used by two pros who have a lower ranking.

The rank is calculated by assigning points to each disc based on pro rankings. See below for how points are assigned. Do you have another idea for how to do it? Let me know.

Pro Rank Points
1 20
2 15
3 12
4 10
5 8
6 6
7 5
8 4
9 3
10 2
11+ 1

Stability Filter

The stability filter uses each disc's stability rating, calculated by adding the turn and fade numbers for the disc. The stability ratings fall into three categories: